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‘Play is the highest form of research’ A. Einstein
'Imagination is more important than knowledge’ A. Einstein
‘ The earth has music for those who listen’ Shakespeare
  • ‘Play is the highest form of research’ A. Einstein

  • 'Imagination is more important than knowledge’ A. Einstein

  • ‘ The earth has music for those who listen’ Shakespeare

Creative Arts

Emphasis on Art


Emphasis on Art

“Imagination is more important than Knowledge”       Albert Einstein

At TCG, art and creativity serves a broader, longer-term goal than you might expect: our emphasis on creativity means our children are encouraged to fashion the building blocks not just of art, but of wider learning. When children express themselves through art, they’re not just painting pretty pictures for the fridge, they’re sketching a possible road map for life. This is why we do everything we can to encourage them and send them confidently on their way, accompanied by knowledge of the world’s great artists, thinkers, achievers…

”Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known”      Oscar Wilde

Therefore art activities not only offer an opportunity to express oneself and discover new methods, but they also open the door to acquiring knowledge and developing the ability to explore innovative relationships and pairings within our world.

Spontaneity and imagination play a huge role in a child's perception of art. A child's own response is more important then the 'right answer' (even supposing there is a right answer!)

The cultural references and examples we use are not there to be admired or to be a model; they are there to open up the mind and cultivate an emotional response, eventually working towards building a common culture.

“Everything you can imagine is real”     Pablo Picasso


At The Children’s Garden, we appreciate the fast pace of change that characterizes our world and we understand the importance of teaching children skills that will enable them to engage actively within our increasingly diverse and exciting society. Our emphasis on creative arts helps unlock each child’s personal creativity so that he or she continues to grow in social and intellectual confidence as well as lateral thinking skills – key qualities that help set children up for successful futures.

Language Arts

TCG Language Philosophy


Cultural awareness and true internationalism lie at the heart of TCG's concept and we uphold this philosophy through our language programme. To understand a language gives us a deeper understanding of and respect for its culture. An international, multilingual environment therefore helps children develop effective communication tools - a must in today's international world. Our emphasis on languages helps make TCG internationally-relevant, enabling students to graduate into any school offering any curriculum in the world. It also helps us deliver a contemporary education experience, in terms of the age in which we're living i.e. our language philosophy helps lay strong foundations that children can build on to help them meet the challenges of the 21st Century. TCG's languages of instruction are determined by the needs of the specific catchment area in which TCG is located.

Very young children possess a remarkable learning potential, and this is the best time to concentrate on language acquisition. A precious window of opportunity to learn several languages opens in early childhood, so it’s important to give children the right language experiences and the right encouragement, which is exactly what we do at TCG. Very young children can then develop an unbeatable foundation on which they will build their vocabulary and communication skills, learn to express themselves effectively and have a much easier time acquiring subsequent languages. TCG Barsha familiarizes children with at least two languages, thereby building their confidence, enriching their cultural and global awareness and putting them at a distinct advantage for when they start primary schoo

Music and Movement

Music Programme


Music Programme

Stevie Wonder sang, "Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand...." Music is like a language, all on its own, with or without words. Music has been described as "the language of the soul".


Music springs from the deepest emotions within the soul, and with or without lyrics, music conveys a message, deepest feelings and emotions. It is a world beyond our world. It is a reality, at the same time, a fantasy.

Children are naturally drawn to music – that’s obvious from the wonderful way little children will sing to themselves, sing to their toys, dance to music and beg their parents to play their favourite songs again and again. And then again! Musical expression flows freely from them in the most natural way as they interact with their environment. Through music, children learn language, noises, funny sounds, sad sounds and so much more; they learn about themselves and their place in the world they’re living in. Music, especially in these early years, is a part of their play and an innate part of their being. New research shows that music has a positive influence on the development of young children’s cognitive skills. We also know that providing children with a rich and imaginative environment which stimulates every one of the senses, including the auditory sense, can seriously support and enhance children’s healthy growth and development.

Children who are actively involved with music (who play it or sing it regularly) typically:


  • are better able to focus and control their bodies
  • play better with others and have higher self-esteem
  • do better in reading and math when they start school
Making music with others gives children a wonderful feeling of belonging to the group. Those who might have difficulty joining in activities with others because they are shy or don’t speak the same language can freely participate when it comes to a musical activity. At TCG, music classes vary enormously in character and include a fabulous variety of activities and experiments, depending on the children’s ages and needs. Our tailor-made music curriculum keeps the children properly stimulated by offering this diverse range of musical experiences, which include singing (topic-related songs), introducing simple musical terms, exploring and identifying sounds, playing instruments and listening to different types of music.
We’ll imitate animals while listening to The Carnival of the Animals composed by Camille Saint-Saëns, we’ll dance like fairies when inspired by Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite, and we’ll walk like monsters when we hear In the Hall of the Mountain King from Peer Gynt Suite no. 1 by Edgar Grieg. Really, music can be no end of fun for pre-schoolers! The TCG philosophy is all about creating a happy school, and music plays an integral part in school life. We believe that making music is as much a basic life skill as walking and talking. And most importantly, music makes our children HAPPY!

Music and movement play a key role in helping connections form in our brains, and it’s very much a part of every day life at TCG. Songs and dancing help children develop body awareness, while singing, movement and playing instruments encourages the children’s motor skills and innate sense of harmony and rhythm. Music is also a great medium through which to broaden our perspectives and learn about different cultures, so TCG children are exposed to a wide spectrum of musical influences and maestros. Movement and play, too, are critical components in the healthy growth and development of any child. It’s through movement that young children explore their bodies and their environment, thereby making sense of their worlds. TCG’s physical education programme is carefully crafted to ensure that children experience a balanced variety of movement experiences. These activities help them hone their motor skills while learning to socialize and communicate with others, thereby contributing to the holistic education of each child.



“Why?” This question will have a familiar ring to anyone with young children! And this is what makes it a joy to teach natural sciences to children of pre-school age. Naturally inquisitive and enthusiastic to uncover the reason behind things, this is the best time to spark an interest in the natural world. At TCG we explore topics including our world (and the people, animals and plant life in it), the environment and health, and the children learn how to care for each. Using prediction, experimentation, observation and reflection as the main pillars of science, and by creating learning opportunities from their daily lives, we encourage children to make observations, develop their own ideas and explain what they saw, to question each other and challenge their misconceptions, all in a familiar, safe environment.


Math Madness


OKAY... so who is afraid of Math? Who dreads Mathematics lessons at school? Who would rather do ANYTHING than their Math homework?
  TCG has introduced its very own, tailor-made math programme, courtesy of Miss Nuket. Miss Nuket is a mathematician with over 15 years experience teaching Math. In the programme we emphasize concepts such as:
  • Patterns
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Numeracy
  • Positioning
  • Operations, and more...
What we remember from childhood we remember forever , that is why math at TCG is taught in a fun way through games, songs and activities carried out by the class teacher and Miss Nuket, who spends time in each class to enhance Mathematics' inputs. It is also taught through our friendly Octopus, to learn more click here.
So why is Maths important?
Researchers say that it is crucial to build the foundations of solid mathematical abilities in children while they're still between the tender ages of 3 and 6 years. Providing a fun, confidence-inspiring learning environment is an essential part of this equation. At TCG, we've given Maths the attention it deserves within the greater framework of our curriculum, and we've found that the best way to teach it is to create a unique space for it. Our Maths Garden, create and designed by Miss Nuket is used by each class on a rotational basis so that all TCG children have access to a full range of innovative activities and games designed for their edification and education.
All about Patterning... Mathematics is the study about patterns Studying patterns is an opportunity to observe, hypothesize, experiment, discover and create Studying pattern is a great way to integrate Mathematics with many other disciplines within our wide curriculum, including music, creative writing, social studies and science
Patterning is often categorized as 'Algebra'. Algebra is also all about spotting relationships The Arabs have used patterns in education and aesthetics for thousands of years. You can see lovely Arabic patterns in mosques and on buildings here in Dubai. Other nations that have also developed unique cultural uses for patterns include; Native Americans, Indians, Chinese, Japanese and Aborigines.  
Math Workshop in Turkey
Miss Nuket, our Mathematics Coordinator, was invited to give a workshop at Istek Semiha Sakir Baris Anaokulu School in Turkey. Her presentation highlighted the importance of Math education for young children and outlined how best to ensure this happens effectively.

The best way to teach math is in a fun, visual and stimulating way, which is exactly what happens in TCG’s Maths Garden. The children love it as it feels more like playing than learning, and their enthusiasm helps them concentrate, which in turn helps them remember what they learn and enables them to pick up mathematical concepts much more quickly than in the classroom. Best of all, not only are children not afraid of math, they actually love it!
Maths Madness

Social Skills

TCG adopts a holistic approach, looking at the development of the whole child. This is why, as individuals, we value their uniqueness and celebrate their particular strengths and creative abilities. Our aim is to deliver knowledge – academic, social, emotional and physical knowledge – in a creative way, inspiring young learners who are independent, understanding and tolerant.

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